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Mission Statement

Flexible and supportive business expansion and growth — without hassle.

Fostering Growing Business Success

What sets Cummings Executive Suites apart from our competition is our ability to provide startups and established business professionals with one-stop shopping—flexible leasing options, prime locations, business support services, and accommodations to grow and expand your business quickly and easily.

We have a diverse community of startups and long-term business professionals—some of whom have been with Cummings Executive Suites since we opened our doors in 2009. Individual companies enjoy a close-knit, dynamic business community.

Expansion with Cummings Properties

Many successful startups that began their companies at Cummings Executive Suites—such as Triares—have expanded to larger accommodations with Cummings Properties. Because Cummings Executive Suites is an affiliate of Cummings Properties, we will work together to make your expansion to a larger suite or facility fast and easy. Whether you need a prominent suite within the TradeCenter 128 or Cummings Center campuses or require production, lab, or flex space in another of Cummings' more than 90 locations, we will make the transition fast, easy, and economical, all while your business remains up and running.

We believe in business growth

Cummings Executive Suites' own philosophy is to accommodate and support business growth and success in our locations and with our support services.

Quality product

Cummings Executive Suites strives to provide high-quality office space and prompt, professional, friendly service.

Successful image

Realizing all communications reflect upon the company as a whole, we pride ourselves in setting a standard of excellence in all that we write and promote.

Long-lasting partnerships

Treating employees and patrons with dignity and respect at all times is the basis for establishing and fostering mutually rewarding long-term relationships.


We value that ours is a service industry, and we are here to serve to the best of our ability and potential.

Individually tailored

By identifying and fulfilling clients' individual needs, we are better able to operate and develop our business in a focused, efficient manner.

Future growth

Efficiently accommodating our clients' needs today means greater opportunity to serve them in years to come.